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Dog Walker II – Chapter Eight.

Sarah lobbed a tennis ball to the opposite end of the dog park. A cluster of smaller dogs scattered as Sarah’s boxer, Magnum, charged after the ball. “You went... Read More

Dog Walker II – Chapter Seven.

The sun had just begun to rise as Ben pulled to a stop outside the dilapidated old barn. Purple and orange light cascaded out over the cornfields, which stretched... Read More

Dog Walker II – Chapter Six.
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Detectives Bolland and Martinez waited outside a Catholic school gymnasium. It was Sunday afternoon. The last of the parishioners stood outside the church across the street, chatting up the... Read More

Dog Walker II – Chapter Five.

Waves lapped the shore next to the beachfront restaurant patio where Ben and Kaylee sat. Theirs was the only occupied table. Kaylee was talking, but Ben wasn’t really listening.... Read More

Jack McGuigan is the writer of the Dog Walker novels and Agents of Paradox, a comic. In his youth, he made movies under the pseudonym “John McGuigan” which can be found pretty easily on the Internet. He lives in Chicago with his wife and kid. Years from now, when Jack’s grandchildren ask what he wrote about, he will probably lie.

would like to see an analysis of lost productivity because every few weeks we have to call our lawmakers and beg them not to kill us.