The Last Blog Ever Started.

The Last Blog Ever Started.

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So, like a lot of people, I haven’t blogged with any consistency since the early 2000’s. I made a werewolf movie freshman year of college and I posted updates on filming a few times a week, because I was obsessed, and because my family and friends lived far away. I had a lot of free time. Other than that, I don’t usually have multiple paragraphs worth of things to say every day. Most of my opinions are about Ghostbusters, and the internet has enough of that, you know? If I need to get anything real and sincere out, I’d rather filter it through spooky dogs and Mongolian cyborgs than just barf it onto the web. That’s what fiction is for. You can be like “hey, death sucks” without bumming everyone out, and you’ll probably get closer to the truth of the thing than you would by thinkpiecing. Ten times harder to spread on social media, though. Strange times we’re living in. Anyway!

I’m going to start serializing Dog Walker II weekly on a few different platforms pretty soon (shooting for early February!) and I wanted one place to update about everything. I also have enough of a back catalog at this point that other things will come up. Reviews, interviews, sales, stuff like that. If I actually do write something non-fiction that’s longer than a tweet, it’ll be on here. Basically, if you like the books I write, and you want to read more things I write, this will be the best way to follow along. I’ll try to make it fun. 😀

My experience with comments on WordPress is that they end up being 99.9% diet pill ads, so I’m keeping comments off for now. If you have questions/concerns, @ me on Twitter or email me. If the answer seems interesting to the public, I’ll post it on here, with your permission.

Happy holidays!