Dog Walker II begins March 1st! Also, Patreon!

Dog Walker II begins March 1st! Also, Patreon!

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Big news, you guys.

Dog Walker II: Shadow Pack will be serializing right here on starting March 1st! New chapters go live every Wednesday, probably around noon CST, depending on how much work I have to do at my grown-up job. I’ll take a week off every six or so chapters to plan ahead as the story veers wildly off course.

On a related note, I started a PATREON page! If you pledge, you’ll get new DWII chapters a week early. If you pledge more, you get the kindle or paperback versions of both Dog Walker books. You are, of course, under no obligation. Anyone who just wants to read along for free will get the same content a week later. But my wife and I just had a baby, and expensive parts of house keep falling apart, so if I can offset the cost of production (proofreading/copy editing, mostly) before the book goes up on Amazon, it would surely make things easier.

See you in two weeks!